Rectory Studios based in Parley is Dorset and Bournemouth's premier and prestigious Film Studio.
800 Sq. Ft of Awesomness
This Georgian property is situated in a 4 acre prime rural location which is 2 minutes from Bournemouth Airport and 15 minutes from the town center, The Rectory will offer incredible shooting opportunities and facilities. With onsite accommodation, 24/7 access, tight security and outstanding views the Rectory can be the perfect location for Film, TV, Photography shoots. The Rectory has an 800 Sq. Ft Studio space with Green screen, Backdrops and lighting. An out door Swimming pool with stunning tropical surrounds 3 Acres of Paddocks, orchards and Victorian out houses Horse stables and Horse training grounds Perfect for outdoor shoots, Videos and media events.


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Situated 4 minutes from Bournemouth International airport.
6 awesome Locations
Boasting an outdoor Swimming pool with stunning tropical surrounds, 3 acres of Paddocks, Orchards and Victorian out houses Horse stables and Horse training grounds. Access to the River Stour, 15 minutes from the beautiful beaches and 30 minutes from The New Forest. With Rectory studios being private land no Film Licence is required therefore production budgets and stresses can be taken out of Pre-production and photography shoots. This is the perfect location for Period Drama's and lush stately home requirements.

Come Sleep With Me Trailer

Mind over Matter
Alan Bates one the UK's leading hypnotists takes to the streets to manipulate his human subjects and persuades them to interact with the general public with these hilarious stunts and pranks. Currently broadcasting on Maltese TV .See project
Come Sleep With Me Trailer
Britrox TV

Britrox TV

Undiscovered Music Television
Britrox TV is a music/broadcast platform that showcases unsigned, new and emerging artists music videos worldwide. Britrox TV uses Rectory studios to shoot all presenter lead links and TV shows.See project

Rendlesham/ Bentwaters UFO Trailer part 2

A UFO Story
An alternative UFO investigation team lead by Ufologist and ex MOD officer Nick Pope take a closer look at the incident that took place December 26th 1980. ''What Really happened on this night?''. The team interview and review testimonies of those who experienced this incredible event at first hand.See project
Rendlesham/ Bentwaters UFO Trailer part 2
Soul Leap

Soul Leap

Who Do You Think You Were?
''Have you ever wondered whether you have lived past lives?''. Most Haunted star Derek Acorah and UK's leading Hypnotist Alan Bates take people under regression and transport their mind back to previous lives and investigate the evidence to prove that afterlife exists.See project

Voice Coach Confidential

Behind the scenes of Vocal Coaching
One of the UK's leading Vocal coaches who has worked with the biggest artists in the music industry allows camera's into her world of vocal coaching. With her team of performance experts we go behind the scenes to see what it takes to become a major artist in this competitive world of music.See project
Voice Coach Confidential
  • " "The Rectory Studios is an outstanding Studio location with amazing facilities, With a lack of studio space within the Dorset and Hampshire area Rectory can definitely provide the perfect vibe for any Production or film shoot. We are proud to be affiliated with an incredible company". " Gillian Tully - Founder
  • " "Barclays Eagle Labs are excited to be associated with rectory Studios, we have several creative hubs located around the UK and many of users require studio space and locations to shoot promo's and trailers. Its perfect for our clients and we look forward to working with rectory on future projects". " Lisa Fry - Digital eagle Operations
  • " “As a national PR and Marketing company we are often asked to create content for our creative and social media campaigns. Having a state-of-the art studio in Bournemouth means that we’d have something on our doorstep and we wouldn’t have to spend valuable time travelling - offering us more flexibility for us and our clients. It also highlights how Bournemouth is evolving as a town and I’ve no doubt the studios would attract other businesses from the region” " Ali Sheik - Managing Director
  • " “I have always said that Bournemouth and Dorset is in dyer need for a media hub and Television studios. Bournemouth is growing as a digital and media town and it makes perfect sense for such a facility to be available to the community”. " David Ford
  • " We are working closely with Britrox on a collaboration basis and can certainly say having a commercial built state of the Art TV studios with Lights, Camera’s, Sound and Live Broadcast gallery would help considerably on our Future film projects in Bournemouth. This town would benefit greatly from this amazing facility”. " Joe D Hall - CEO
  • " Having met with Paul from Britrox TV, we feel there is a perfect synergy between our companies. Although we are predominantly film, a state of the art Television studios would be perfect for an ever expanding Digital talent hub here in Bournemouth’’. " Paul Hamblin - Executive Producer
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Studio Hire Only:
  • £395+ VAT per day (10 Hours) Monday – Friday Overtime £45 (P/H)
  • £350+ VAT per day (10 Hours) Weekends Overtime £30 (P/H) Includes Lighting and Free Tea/Coffee/Refreshments
Studio Hire Extras
  • Producer/Consultant £250 per day
  • Camera and operator - £250 per day (10 Hours) Overtime £35 PH
  • Sound Operator - £200 per day (10 Hours) Overtime £25 PH
  • Studio Assistant/Runner £100 per day
  • Editor - £350 per day
  • Green Screen Hire £70 per day
  • Make Up Artist £150 per day
  • Track Hire £100 per day
Photographic Services
  • Studio Hire £50 + VAT P/H
  • Location Hire £65 + VAT p/H
4 Great Packages
Package 1
  • Studio
  • 1x Camera and Operator
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • (12 Hour Day)
Package 2
  • Studio
  • 2x Camera and Operator
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • and Editing
  • (12 Hour Day)
Package 3
  • Studio
  • 2x Camera and Operators
  • Lighting
  • Sound and Editing Green Screen
  • Make Up Track Hire
  • (12 Hour Day)
Package 4 (Live Broadcast Package)
  • 2 camera shoot
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Gallery Producer
  • Vision mixer
  • sound Live broadcast satellite link up Gallery assistant
  • Make up